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Dandan's Comments on Chinese Coins (5) - Panda Coins with Added Words and Coin Expo Coins

I mentioned before that I would talk about the Coin Expo series, because this year's coin expo will be under way in a few days. Today a friend asked about the panda coin with added words for the Shanghai Gold Exchange. I may as well discuss the two together.

First let me explain what are pandas with added words. It is easy to understand literally. Chinese precious metal panda coins are one of the major five bullion coins in the world, but they are also special at the same time. I will explain why they are special in a little while (which he forgot - translator). Pandas with added words are based on the template of the panda coin of the year, with a line of words added on the rim or on the reverse, for example "20 Year Anniversary of the Shanghai Gold Exchange", "XX Years of the Capital Market", "Inauguration of the High Speed Railway" and so on. In short, the mint people are too lazy or too much pressed for time to have a specific design for the theme, and so they add a ring of words to the panda coins of the year. The Coin Expo series and the bank series were mostly pandas with added words. The Shanghai Gold Exchange coin soon to be released is also a panda with added words.

Now let's focus on the Coin Expo series. Yesterday someone mentioned that the black coin was an exotic wonder among the Coin Expo series. The Coin Expo series has been released at the annual Coin Expo up to now, which can be purchased with the admission ticket. The price has been very reasonable, largely because they are pandas with added words. The panda coin templates were not used in 2001 and 2002, though. Pandas with added words were reinstated starting from 2003, till it was phased out in 2007. Right from then on, the Coin Expo silver coin series started to pick up. Now we have three categories in the Coin Expo series. First, there were pandas with added words, from 1995 to 2006, with exceptions for 2001 and 2002. All these ten coins fall under pandas with added words in the Coin Expo series. The most expensive one is from 1995, for no other reason than its being the starter of the series. The second category covers those for the Coin Expos in 2001 and 2002. The design themes were the city landscape around the expo center where the Beijing Coin Expo was held: the International Trade Center for 2001 and something resembling flyovers for 2002, which was actually the logo for the Coin Expo of the year. Between these two, the 2001 coin is more expensive, which we call "exotic black coin". This coin for the first time employed the sulfuration technology. The technology is considered confidential, which I fortunately have no idea about. I would be in trouble if I knew it, because this should be a national secret. And it was also the first in this category. For both these reasons, the price moved up all along, especially after 2007. Why do I call 2007 a turning point? Because the third category in the Coin Expo series made its debut that year. From 2007, the theme of the Coin Expo coins switched to numismatic history of the world. The fifth coin in this theme from 2007 will be issued at this year's Coin Expo. (This post was written in 2012 – translator.) Starting from 2007, it gradually dawned on everyone that the Coin Expo silver coins would no longer be pandas with added words, and would become an excellent series with more and more themes added to it. In the last couple of years, the silver coins in the Coin Expo series have been growing steadily, breaking records slowly and continuously without much fanfare. The prices of the first panda with added words, the 1995 Coin Expo panda, and of the black coin from 2001 are very high now. In the category of numismatic history of the world, which started in 2007, the most expensive one was issued in 2010, with the price reaching 1,000 yuan, largely because it was issued with stamps. The cheapest one was from 2007. You may wonder why the first coin in the international numismatic history category is this cheap. The reason is very simple. The sale was very slow that year, and the China Gold Coin Inc. still has a large inventory. Every year it releases some of the inventory, which disrupts the growth of the coin. I mentioned above that 2007 was the turning point. Starting from that year, the Coin Expo coins have been taking off. The 2007 Coin Expo coin had a small release mintage, 30,000 in my memory. All these years, the China Gold Coin Inc. has been selling it at a low price, which is welcomed by consumers. Most importantly, it is the first in the third category of the Coin Expo series. It will have good growth in the future. The China Gold Coin Inc. released more of it recently. This time 2,000 were released nationally. Members (of the distributor network – translator) could buy the coin without any credit accumulation. It would be nice to buy one for collection. If you aim at investment, you can buy a whole sheet. Of course you need continuous serial numbers; otherwise they would not be different from loose ones. I am pretty sure you will see a nice return in the near future.

Collection Index:9
Investment Index:9

1995 Coin Expo Panda

2001 Coin Expo "Black Coin"

2007 Coin Expo Coin - Numismatic History of the World

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