Saturday, November 3, 2012


 The purpose of my blog is to provide information to non-Chinese speaking MCC (modern Chinese coins) collectors.

MCCs are gaining more and more popularity among non-Chinese speaking collectors and investors, because of their exquisite designs, interesting cultural themes and outstanding wealth preservation results. But non-Chinese speaking fans of MCC face the formidable language barrier, which blocks them from numismatic and market information in China, as most tools, websites, books and reference materials are written in Chinese. English websites and reference materials dedicated to MCC are few and far in between. Most English speaking people depend on the few English resources, such as the Chinese Coin Forum and Peter Anthony's book for guidance. They have a long and tough learning curve, and may be subject to scams.

I am a newbie to MCC collection, running into the hobby only in late 2011. But by reading widely in Chinese and engaging in discussions with fellow MCC collectors in China, I managed to step around the wasteful pitfalls and set my course straight from the very beginning. My own collection is still very small, that of a newbie without a deep pocket, but I know how to proceed with MCC and can spot a gem when it appears. I am grateful to the top MCC collectors who shared their experience/setbacks and insight in MCC related topics, such as Wangdian, who shared his ups and downs in MCC collection, and Huang Ruiyong (Olive) and Ge Zukang, who provide excellent references through their long and hard research. I feel that it is my turn to spread the MCC information further, to non-Chinese speaking MCC fans. I am uniquely equipped for this mission. I have been translating between English and Chinese for the past 15 years. In this blog, I will focus on providing information in English which already exists in Chinese. My personal comments and thoughts will be limited, as I am still a newbie with much to learn. There will be no picks or recommendations, as I believe all the information is there.

If you find this blog interesting, please bookmark it and come back often. Happy collecting!


  1. I found a medal in my mother's things from the Palace Museum and on the back it has
    19 99 (symbol) 3 (symbol) 9

    What is it from do you know?

    1. I cannot guess without seeing the medal. Do you have a picture somewhere?